We are at home in both Poland and Hungary.

It feels different to work with us



Setting up a business

  • We will minimize the expenses and the time required for setting up a business abroad, so as to make the process be of as little inconvenience as possible.
  • After prior consultation and the exchange of necessary documents, a single visit will often suffice to set up the firm, a bank account and establish relations with an accountancy office.
  • In particular cases, it is possible to set up a firm without the need to travel abroad.


  • We offer translating and interpreting services from Hungarian to Polish and vice versa.
  • We undertake the translation of official and private documents.
  • We have long-standing expertise with all types of translations.
  • Our translating services are fast, reliable and retain all discretion.
  • Documents which need translating and ones already translated can be advanced through post, electronically or through fax.

Business cooperation

  • We help establish new business links for cooperation and supervise existing ones.
  • We help solve difficulties and handle official matters.
  • We care about continued trading development between our clients.


We will undertake:

  • To represent your firm
  • To act on behalf of your firm
  • To represent your interests
  • To manage the foreign branch of your company
  • To be sales representatives
  • To conduct all negotiations on your behalf

Commercial contacts

  • We conduct market research in accord with our clients’ needs.
  • We help establish the most beneficial commercial relations for Hungarian and Polish partners, on these respective markets.
  • We survey potential partners.

Legal and tax advice

In cooperation with established law firms and accountancy offices, we will advise you how to legally and most beneficially overcome specific internal regulations, as well as the differences and complexities of a market.

Financial advice

We will assemble and deliver all information on banking systems, leasing, franchises, property insurance, transactional insurance and any other financial queries related to your business.


We will find for you the best employees at all levels.

Depending on your wishes, we can conduct full or partial recruitment: if the candidate(s) do not meet your expectations, we guarantee to conduct additional recruitment without the incurrence of further costs. (This guarantee will be individually finalized).

Debt collection

In association with law firms we will undertake debt recovery at all stages of the process. We will look into the legal and financial status of the debtor(s), acting quickly and efficiently to reclaim your money.

Real estate agency

We will help you find the most suitable real estate, for lease or sale. We will check the legal status of the property, conduct negotiations on your behalf and help finalize the matter.

Visas, residency permits

We undertake the mediation of all official matters, including applications for residency permits and visas where necessary.

We can provide all necessary information in this regard.

Event management

We will cater to any event-based needs you may have; whether it be a commercial happening, participation in trading fairs, organizing presentations or private events: large or small. We will supervise every detail and cater for all requirements.


Depending on the particular task, will you provide you with an individualized pricing list, aiming to make our offer as competitive and inviting to you as possible.